06 septembre 2014

“West Lake Tourism” Promotion In Yiwu

The Hangzhou West Lake District tourism promotion was held in Yiwu yesterday afternoon, bringing a wealth of tourism resources and tourism products for Yiwutourism industry and the general public.

Lake District is the only one district in China with WestLake and Xixi Wetland two 5A scenic spots. Also, it is the first county approved by the State Council nationwide to establish the national tourism resort. The Fall of the Xixi is full of more poetic, persimmon picking, dragon boat rowing, autumn reed shaking. Walking in Xixi meandering boardwalk, people can have a good sight at the beauty of the wetlands with “the Vatican, hidden, vulgar, idle, wild”. Meanwhile, fishermen tours, evening travelling, water development and other specialty products also blessed.

According to the Lake District Tourism Bureau Zhang Honggen, why the tourism promotion was held in Yiwu is because of the fancy world-renowned business climate and an avalanche of traffic resources. In most Yiwuese’s eye, they only know the WestLake in Hangzhou. Actually, besides West Lake, there are Xixi Wetland, Xishan Forest Park, Song Dynasty and so on. It is hoped that more Yiwu local people can experience the West Journey through this promotion and business travel is more interactive.

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03 août 2014

Yiwu Greening Head Dolls Entering the American Market


Head Dolls

A batch of Greening H e ad Dolls from Yiwu Lance Group Limited has exported to the United States and gone through the Customs clearance successfully.“Our greening head dolls not only went through the Customs clearance smoothly, but also got through U.S.A ’s marketing regulation. From now on, the exporting formalities of our products would be simplified, and our products finally enter the American market.”The words of Jiang Dongyang, the head of Lance Crafts, revealed the hard ship of their exporting way.

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15 août 2011

Yiwu Christmas exports more settled in RMB

August 12, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar exchange rate reform for a third day since the high refresh. The week the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar appreciated 0.75%, the highest since the exchange rate reform last year to restart the biggest weekly increase. China Foreign Exchange Trade Center data show that the day the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar higher than the previous 19 basis points, to close at 6.3972. Announced in July 2005 when the reform of the exchange rate 8.11 basis, the RMB against the U.S. dollar reached 26.77% in 2011, a rate of 3.52% since the revaluation. Exchange rate fluctuations affect the sensitive nerve of the city's foreign trade enterprises. Yesterday, reporter learned from Yiwu, in order to avoid exchange rate risk, the local Christmas supplies almost all businesses use the RMB.

Dollar profits worry swallow

Since the Standard & Poor's announced that the United States sovereign credit rating cut, the dealer adds Yiwu shrinking foreign exchange reserves, concerns about the influx of hot money. They are most worried about is whether the United States will transfer its crisis through the depreciation of the dollar, which will further erode the profits of dealer orders.

"Every time the United States passed through the crisis by the outside, the last pass of the Japanese, it is clearly targeting the Chinese. Next, the appreciation of the yuan may be forced, to some extent weaken the 'Made in China' advantage, which will not only reduced orders, but will shrink profits. "market a toy dealer, told reporters that the company's toy main sold to South America, the U.S. debt crisis, many foreign merchants to purchase toys store When she complained to the will, saying that such cargo to the port, it is estimated will lose a lot. These foreign buyers in the business when the city settled with the yuan, but to a foreign country back to the U.S. dollar, the RMB appreciation, depreciation of the dollar, foreign buyers of less and less profit, it will lower prices at the time of purchase.

Yiwu, a processing plant early last year took a $ 10 million in foreign orders, was chosen by U.S. dollars, foreign pre-paid 30% deposit, when the exchange rate is 6.82, the acceptance of foreign enterprises and other end finished goods to pay the balance , the exchange rate becomes 6.64, ie, the beginning of the remaining $ 7 million from more than 4700 ten thousand yuan to depreciate more than 46 million yuan, the loss of more than 100 million.

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10 mars 2011

Yiwu government procurement system running

Yiwu government procurement center staff member introduction, "online inquiry" purchasing system is currently limited to petty procurement projects. Open small purchasing "online inquiry" purchasing system, can further improve governmental purchasing efficiency and service quality, lower procurement costs, solve yiwu government procurement is frequent, small pressure etc. Purchase

Small purchase online inquiry of the basic procedure is: by purchasing unit proper motion in yiwu government procurement network "online inquiry purchasing system" (" centralized purchasing - small purchasing "module) launched online inquiry, confirm execution suppliers. Purchasing results through procurement center online examination without objection, purchasing, and clinch a deal unit issued notice and clinch a deal signed purchasing contract supplier. Purchasing is completed, purchasing units will purchase material submitted to purchasing center of filing and public resources do record.

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02 février 2011

Yiwu exceeded 3,000 foreign representative offices

Yiwu City, the business sector, according to statistics, as of the end of 2010, representative offices of foreign companies resident in Yiwu 3,000 the first time, up to 3008, an increase of 15.07%. Yiwu over the same period a total of 373 foreign-funded enterprises, foreign-funded partnership of 21 (representing the province's total Bacheng above), Hong Kong, Macao over 94 individual businesses.

    Compared with previous years, the end of 2009, Yiwu is the 2,614 foreign representative offices, an increase of 23.12%; the end of 2008, Yiwu is the 2,123 foreign representative offices, an increase is 49.08%. Data show that foreign representative offices Yiwu year growth rate is slowing.

    The resident representative offices of foreign growth has slowed at the same time, foreign investment partnerships in Yiwu has shown rapid growth. Yiwu early March last year the birth of the province's first partnership enterprise with foreign investment after the end of 2010, 10 months, Yiwu were registered in 21 foreign investment partnerships, which ranked first in the country.

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02 décembre 2010

Yiwu "China Glove City"

Recently, the textile industry cluster from the National Work Conference was informed that, Yiwu City, won the "Glove Cities" title.
City glove industry is a rising star in many industries, the development of rapid scale in the country's premier. Currently, Yiwu the industry has more than 500 manufacturers, glove machinery more than 30,000 pieces (sets), with knitted gloves, magic gloves, leather gloves, and other varieties, the whole industry in industrial output value of over 3.0 billion.

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05 novembre 2010

Zongze Road, Yiwu International Exhibition Centre, sections closed to traffic for managing

Yesterday, reporters from the constant wind Yiwu China Branch was informed that the delivery of public transportation, because Zongze Road (East Island Road to the Riverside section) closed beneath the renovation project managing the construction, the road traffic police department will take temporary management measures. Affected during construction, through the section 7 Road, 21 Road, bus 405 to implement a temporary diverted.

    Adjusted to the following bus lines:

    7 bus strike is: Yiwu Yellow Bayberry Street lamps lighting professional - looking road - West Road - Airport Road - the city Road - Chemical Road - Workers Road - Binwang Road - Ring Road - Commerce Bo Road - Jiangdong Road - south under the Chu. Cancel Yongsheng District, Christian Grace Church (East Island Garden Phase II) are two bus stations, bus stops additional Jiangdong four quarters.

    21 bus to the: East Island Garden - Business Bo Road - Ring Road - Binwang Road - Riverside Road - Zongze Road - Workers Road - North Gate Street - County St - Danxi Road - Riverside Road - South Gate Street - Jiangdong Road - Binwang Road - Ring Road - Commerce Bo Road - East, Garden Island. Exhibition and Sports Centre is no longer through the East, the International Cultural Center, Yongsheng District, International Expo Centre (Jiang Hom head), the Christian Grace Church (East Island Garden Phase II), the next king (Jiangdong Road) 6 bus stops, additional guests King Ferry Center, Exhibition and Sports Center, Jiangdong District 3 four bus stops.

    405 bus to is: Ring Road - Binwang Road - Riverside Road - Futian Road - Integrity Road - Chouzhou Road - Mall Road - Xuefeng Road - Airport Road - Yongjun Road - Danxi Road - Spring Han Way - Chouzhou Road - Huangyuan Road - Jiangdong Road - Yi Road - Ring Road. Without Yiwu Yongsheng District, International Expo Centre (Jiang Hom head), the next king (Jiangdong Road), south under the Chu, Wu Tong holds 5 bus stops, additional Planning and Design Institute (Hing in underwear professional Street), the terminal Binwang , Exhibition and Sports Center three transit sites.

    This three bus lines adjusted, the first time the last train, no change interval. The road construction phase of the project for one year.

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20 octobre 2010

Well-known leather brands Yiwu beach

"In the past want to buy a good leather at reasonable prices, can only run Haining Leather City, the future can be bought in Yiwu, 'factory direct' famous friends fur products." Recently, I heard Yiwu leather outlet centers opening soon, some like fur members of the public is quite excited.
Yiwu leather outlet centers, according to stakeholders, at present, the "king of the top ten clothing" in the snow leopard, Samsung, the king of beasts than the other six brands La leather outlet centers have been settled, many of the tanneries are Haining direct point of this set , the center has gathered hundreds of leather brands, dozens of well-known brands, more than 80% factory direct.
The industry believes that the establishment of Yiwu leather outlet centers, not only to provide a convenient and affordable, but also enhance the overall grade of the leather industry of Yiwu, and strongly boost its market into the largest leather. "Leather industry is an important industry of Yiwu, Yiwu market not only boost the development of the leather industry for the development of the country made a great contribution." China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the official told the leather industry of Yiwu highly. At the same time, the person also believes that to be striving for the largest leather Yiwu market and create an important international and domestic leather production and sales base, but also attract more domestic and international famous brands of leather.

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09 octobre 2010

Central Organization Department to inspect work of Yiwu

7th morning, leaders of the Central Organization Department of the Provincial Organization Department and Jinhua Municipal Organization Department, accompanied by the leadership to guide the city's inspection activities and the non-public A Good Party Construction. Wong Kam-DPRK of Jinhua Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Huang Zhiping, Municipal Committee, Organization Department of Community law, accompanied by checks forever.
Central Organization Department led to the Shin Kong Group and Sanding Holdings Holdings conducted a field inspection and guidance, and listen to the city to carry out "mall pioneer," A Good party-building activities and private enterprises in the work report of Yiwu.
In the Provincial A Good After the mobilization meeting, held in the city quickly Municipal Standing Committee conducted a special study to determine the striving for "mall pioneer" activities as the city's A Good theme and set up a Municipal Leading Group According to the unified arrangements of the central and provincial, careful planning, careful implementation, quickly set off a wave A Good activities, the city's 2228 grass-roots party branches and nearly 49,000 members active part in A Good activities.
In specific activities, changes in work style of cadres from the city to improve the execution of cadres to start, and constantly improve the level cadres to form implement the plan, basic services, good posture, achieved some tangible results, so that A Good people see the changes brought activities. Activities focus on a rich vector, the city's grass-roots party organizations and party members to carry out A Good activities according to local conditions; focus on grasping the "dual commitment" campaign to run a number of real facts; focus on nurturing advanced model of education with the people around things around. Activities since the reform, development and stability around the city to inspire party members and cadres entrepreneurial passion, strengthening grass-roots base, and always promote the economic and social development activities as A Good starting point and goal, efforts to promote the city center, to achieve scientific development .
Party building work in the non-public enterprises, the municipal focus on "three of the three have" requirements, actively implement the "cast party building corporate brand to create brand, to establish a brand to enhance the brand of party building," as the main content of the "brand interaction" projects, out of the reflect the characteristics of a non-public enterprises Yiwu Party building new ways for the city's economic and social development provided a powerful guarantee.
Central Organization Department and city leaders to carry out non-public A Good Party Construction activities and the results obtained fully affirmed and highly appraised. Central Organization Department leaders believe that, Yiwu "Pioneer Mall" A Good activities and private enterprises in the work of party building, leadership attention, content-rich, carrier innovative, unique approach, the effectiveness of work, hoping to further deepen Yiwu A Good Party work of party building activities and non-public enterprises, summed up more good experiences and good practices.

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29 septembre 2010

Yiwu Banking list

Yiwu Banking list
Major financial institutions are as follows:

Yiwu Branch, Bank of China
Address: No.500 Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85550555
Websit: http://www.boc.cn/

Yiwu Branch, The People's Bank of China
Address: No.112 Huangyuan Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85459285 85459286

Yiwu Office, China Banking Regulatory Commission
Address: No.224-226 Jiangdong Middle Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85459287
Website: http://www.cbrc.gov.cn/

Yiwu Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Address: No.128 Huangyuan Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85459000
Website: http://www.icbc.com.cn

Yiwu Branch, Agricultural Bank of China
Address: No. 181 Binwang Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85582686
Website: http://www.abchina.com/

Yiwu Branch, China Construction Bank
Address: No.468 Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85428000
Website: http://www.ccb.com

Yiwu Branch, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd
Address: No.158 Binwang Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85552888
Website: http://www.cib.com.cn/

Yiwu Branch, Shenzhen Development Bank
Address: No.223 Binwang Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-85561299
Website: http://www.sdb.com.cn/

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